#24  -  Austin Seifert

Nationality: United States
  Citizenship Information
Country of Citizenship:United States
  Academic Information
High School:Colorado Virtual Academy; played Soccer for CSCS          Grad. Year:  2013
College Commitment:Not committed
GPA: 3.8          SAT/ACT:  19; will retake in Feb 2013

NCAA Clearinghouse ID: 1206902240

Selected for the U-17 SUM Cup Team during the summer of 2010.

1. Positions: Striker / Forward

2. Contact Information:

    * Phone: 719-445-2449

    * E-mail: austinseifert@yahoo.com

3. Academic Achievements:

    * 2009/2010 COVA Honor Roll

    * 2010/2011 COVA Honor Roll

4. Individual Soccer Achievements:

    * Lettered on Varsity as a freshman and a sophomore

    * Voted an all-league player for freshman and sophomore years.

    * Won the 3A State Championship in 2009.

    * Voted the captain of the Colorado Springs Christian School soccer team for junior year (Chose not to play high school soccer my junior year; trained with Colorado Rapids DA team durring the season).

    * Played on the Rapids CYS U-17 team during 2009/2010 club season.

    * Played on the Rapids DA U-16 team during 2010/2011, but was injured.

    * Played on the Rapids DA U-18 team during 2011/2012; we went to Finals and placed sixth in the nation.

    * Currently play on the Rapids DA U-18 team (2012/2013).

5. Club Soccer Information:

    * Team: Colorado Rapids Academy

    * Head Coach: Bryan Crookham

6. High School:

    * Colorado Virtual Academy, Northglenn, Colorado (public school; attended all four years)

    * Played soccer for Colorado Springs Christian School, 4825 Mallow Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80907 during my freshman and sophomore years.

7. Graduation Year: 2013

8. GPA: 3.8

10. Extra Curricular Activities:

    * Volunteers as a coach for soccer camps for younger children

    * Volunteered time with the DA Rapids to help with a clinic for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation

    * Refinish furniture with my father

U.S. Soccer Development Academy 2009-2010 U-15/16 U-15/16
U.S. Soccer Development Academy 2010-2011 U-15/16 U-15/16
U.S. Soccer Development Academy 2010-2011 U-17/18 U-17/18
U.S. Soccer Development Academy 2012-2013 U-17/18 U-17/18
U.S. Soccer Development Academy 2012-2013 U-17/18 U-17/18
DOB 05/02/1994
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 170 lbs